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We contacted a distributor, who is already offering the products from one of our brands on the Romanian market


Thanks to our cooperation with the Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for a campaign, we contacted a distributor, who is already offering the products from one of our brands on the Romanian market.

Credo-Capital Production LLC is a company, specialized in the production of personal hygiene and cosmetic products. Our company is focused on constantly developing our production lines and investing in the research of new products. Our products are represented in over 30 markets and our team is working intensely for their increased promotion and recognizability.

For several years we have been trying to achieve more visible presence and national coverage on the Romanian market and find an opportunity to sell products under all of our brands there. Due to various reasons, the Romanian market turned out to be way more challenging than what we originally anticipated. For several years we have been working with a distributor for one of our brands of personal hygiene products, but we needed new representation and selling channels, bigger popularity of our brands and more significant results. The Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber engaged in a campaign, which included the search for suitable contacts and introducing us to new potential partners.

Their team approached our task very professionally and it was a real pleasure for us to work together on this projects. Based on the displayed potential and skills of the Chamber’s team, I am convinced that they work in an identical way with all their clients. We worked in close cooperation, combining our specific knowledge for these product categories and the specifics of the business in Romania. The Chamber’s experts offered different variants and made contacts with local distributors, who had a developed network in different regions of the country.

It really took us a few months, but we already started working with a partner from Romania on the products from one of our brands and we are currently in a negotiating process regarding the products from our other brand.  

Romania is a really challenging and perspective market, the competition is strong, we have to work consistently and be prepared that our return on investments will be more gradual in comparison to other foreign markets, where we have more experience.

We put our trust in the Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber’s experts and we saved a lot of time, efforts and finances, in order to reach and better develop the market north of the Danube. I recommend them to anyone, who is interested in making business in Romania, because their team demonstrated a highly professional level, their experience is vast and diverse, the consultations they provide – invaluable, and our joint work was a real pleasure.

Albena Ivanova – Sales manager at Credo-Capital Production LLC

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