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Atty. Victor Gugushev is the new Chairman of the Board


On 28 September 2023, during the General Assembly of the Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BRCCI), Atty. Victor Gugushev was nominated and unanimously elected as the Chairman of the Board of the Chamber.

For a long time, Atty. Gugushev has actively supported campaigns aimed at increasing collaboration between the businesses of the two neighbouring countries, both in a professional and personal capacity. In recent years, his proactivity in this direction has coincided with the way in which BRCCI contributes to real improvements in the competitiveness of its members. It was precisely that consensus and the shared goals that prompted the vote at the end of September.

One of the chairman’s main priorities is the issue of Bulgaria`s admission to Schengen, which will lead to a tremendous improvement in trade and further break down the social and cultural barriers facing the two countries.


"I believe that the relations between Bulgaria and Romania have an exceptional potential, which is not yet fully developed. The main obstacle to this is the lack of strong integration between the two countries, which can be expressed both in the lack of sufficient land links and in the presence of border controls. This is an important priority for the Chamber and its members, and I and the new Board will work to ensure that these obstacles are removed", said Atty. Gugushev.


On the same date, the BRCCI also celebrated its 20th birthday, for which numerous congratulatory addresses were received from government institutions and partner organizations recognizing the tremendous work that the Chamber`s team has accomplished over the past two decades.

About Atty. Victor Gugushev: Victor Gugushev is responsible for the firm`s business development and strategy, as well as leading legal teams on prominent cross-border legal transactions in the region. His international experience is complemented by a specialization in law (LLM), which he completed at one of the most prestigious law schools in England - Queen Mary University of London, and in 2022 successfully completed the "Entrepreneurship Program" at Columbia University, New York, USA. Atty. Victor Gugushev has extensive experience in the NGO sector, including as a Board Member of the Family Business Network and a member of the Advisory Board of the Foundation “For Our Children”.

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