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Bulgarian company OFFERS compact biotech installations for combined, autonomous, fully-automated production of clean and super-low-cost power, heat, biofuels, foods etc. products, based on superfast-growing live organisms, cultivated on shelves, in hyper-intensive indoor conditions of vertical multifloor aeroponic farms.

End products are everyday-harvested superfast-growing (one meter per day - Guinness Book) bamboo biomass (SGBB) - to be used as animal fodder or clean fuel for full replacement the coal in CFPPs ; as a raw material for biogas, bioethanol, biomethane - and bio-hydrogen out of it; plus pellets, biochar, dust-fuel; and as abundant clean food for superfast-growing (10k times in 14 days) BSF-larvae (BSFL, hermetia illucens) , for fat extraction and organic fuel oil (OFO) / biodiesel production.

The only consumables are water and air.

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