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New and stricter measures against Covid in Bulgaria


The emergency epidemic situation in Bulgaria has been extended until January 31, 2021. The government adopted the new anti-epidemic measures, which enter into force on Friday (November 27th) and will be in effect until December 21st, 2020.

Here are the measures:

  • All schools will work in an online mode, kindergartens and nurseries will be closed;
  • All congresses, seminars and team buildings will be suspended;
  • Suspended are also the cultural and entertainment events performed in groups, with the exception of theaters, where people would be allowed of up to 30% of the capacity and the audience has to wear masks;
  • Private celebrations with more than 15 people are not allowed;
  • Individual and collective trainings and competitions for people below 18 years of age are suspended. Competitions for people of more than 18 years of age will take place without an audience;
  • Gyms, gambling halls and casinos will be closed;
  • Food and entertainment establishments will not be working, food deliveries are allowed;
  • Malls and trading centers will not be working, with the exception of banks, pharmacies, optics, zoo shops, service providers, situated at the malls. Small stores will continue to operate under the current conditions.
  • Organized tourist trips and vacations will be stopped.
  • Temples, parks and gardens will remain opened, no curfew will be imposed.

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