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„Bulmarket“ is transforming the former railway wagon factory in Ruse into a high-tech park


The transformation of Ruse into a logistics hub, combining different modes of transport, is outlined more and more clearly. The city is the biggest port, economic and cultural center along Bulgarian part of the Danube. Two European corridors cross paths in it: Corridor 7 and Corridor 9. Ruse provides the opportunity for cargo transfer with a road, railway and water modes of transportation and the availability of an aeroport in close proximity to the city enriches its portfolio.

The Dionysus project, where the Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber and Port Bulmarket participate on behalf of Bulgaria, aims to facilitate the integration of the Danube region into intelligent and sustainable multimodal transport chains. And while the consortium partners perform researches, prepare reports, analyses and make recommendations to eliminate the identified shortcomings, „Bulmarket DM“ is gradually realizing its ideas, which will be beneficial to both the city and the entire Danube region.

It was oficially announced a few days ago, that the company plans to transform a former factory for locomotive and railway wagon repairs in Ruse into a high-tech industrial park, announcing investment of up to 42 mln. euro by the end of 2022.  „Bulmarket“ has its own port, it has been working very successfully on the Bulgarian market for railway freight transportation for years and the company recently received a license for railway transportation in Romania as well. The approved project idea for revival of the activities of the former Locomotive and Railway Wagon factory in Ruse foresees the preservation of all existing production facilities, as stated by the company. There are plans for  the implementation of a high-tech manufacturing, as well as ambitious R&D activities in partnership with two universities in the field of railway transport innovations.

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