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Client search and matchmaking

Our complex service includes 3 main steps, which, depending on your preference and individual needs, we can do individually or jointly – as a complex service.


In the process of researching new markets, many companies face a language barrier, lack of knowledge in the local economy and main stakeholders in their sector.

By using our vast experience, wide contact network, reliable information sources though both public information and paid specialized registers we can help you to identify potential clients / suppliers / competitors / distributors or other parties in Romania and Bulgaria.

Within 5 to 7 days we prepare and hand over to you a thorough list of active, confirmed companies that match your search criteria. The list is handed over to you in Excel and contains the following information about up to 100 companies:

  • company name
  • registration number
  • city / region
  • exact address
  • representative person
  • webpage
  • e-mail contacts
  • telephone numbers
  • number of employees
  • financial parameters (income, expenses, assets, gross and net profits)

We also have several ready contact lists in various sectors which are usually most sought by Bulgarian and Romanian companies, looking into the other market:

  • food and beverage distributors (including sweets, coffee & tea etc.)
  • cosmetics importers and distributors
  • bio and natural products distributors
  • distributors of agricultural machinery and equipment
  • others

For specific prices of our complex 2 step service, please contact us to set up a meeting.


As a follow up to the first step of identifying the target audience through the service “Identifying potential clients, partners or competitors in Romania or Bulgaria” we provide the second step of our complex service – an E-mail marketing campaign. 

We completely take over the preparation and adaptation of the marketing message with your final say on the matter of course. We also translate it into the language needed depending on the target audience.

We work with an e-mail software system developed and optimized especially for our needs, which lowers the SPAM rating and provides mobile friendly results. We DO NOT send out the campaign on behalf of the company, but rather on our behalf with a recommendation for the company. For example: “The Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber would like to recommend you the products/services of company X. They are specialized in …… and provide high-quality services to their clients….”

The price for using our platform, both the technical aspects and from a purely branding perspective, is fixed no matter the number of recipients and it is EUR 250 (VAT excluded).


For the purposes of a specific campaign or as a continuation of one of the previous services, we offer telemarketing services for a list of Bulgarian or Romanian clients. This service can help you with:

  • gathering feedback from an already carried out email marketing campaign
  • promoting a specific product or service depending on your instructions
  • an attempt to arrange a meeting
  • market research
  • gathering answers for surveys / research / client satisfaction 

In order for this service to be carried out, you need to provide us with detailed information, a script, a list of Q&As, that come up most often or any other information and materials that your sales team normally uses.

The service’s price is formed based on the number of working hours and is regulated through a signed contract.