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Current status of companies

If you already develop a business in Romania or Bulgaria or if you have considered such an opportunity throughout the years, you must have come across stories about late client payments, incorrectness, and failed business deals.

Such unpleasant situations happen all over the world but could be avoided to some degree through partner due diligence research, payment insurance and other methods.

The first step, however, is choosing a reliable business partner.

Do you know the company you are planning on working with in depth? Do you know what financial results it has achieved in the past – is it currently financially stable? How many employees does it have and have any plaintiffs filed legal actions against it?

The Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber has been helping companies like yours to find answers to these questions for the past 16 years.


By using our vast experience, trustworthy sources of information and specialized paid registers we will help you make an informed decision when it comes to starting new business partnerships in Bulgaria or Romania.

Within 3 days of filing your enquiry for due diligence research, you will receive a thorough report in your preferred language, which contains information about:

  • representative person
  • contact data
  • registered trademarks
  • number of employees (average numbers for the past 5 years)
  • financial data for the past 5 years (income, expenses, receivables, payables, and others)
  • company branches and connected companies


  1. An informed decision lowers the risk of working with an unsuitable partner.
  2. You save time instead of being drowned in information from various sources.
  3. You get trustworthy information from specialized registers without having to pay for expensive annual fees.
  4. When it comes to negotiating with a new partner – you are prepared with specific numbers in mind.