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DALIA – Danube Region Water Lighthouse Action

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The Danube is a source of life for some of Europe’s vital ecosystems and has an enormous environmental importance. This is exactly why the river is at the heart of the DALIA project (Danube Region Water Lighthouse Action), an initiative which focuses on water management and conservation and biodiversity preservation in the Danube Region.

Some of DALIA’s main outputs include the implementation of 9 demonstration sites (pilots) on the Danube River, scale-up and replication of the demonstrations (through open calls), detailed analysis of local ecosystems and associated regions, development of the DALIA Knowledge Hub integrating existing data and tools, clustering with other projects to contribute to the implementation of EU’s strategic policies.

To achieve these ambitious goals DALIA brings together an international consortium of 22 expert organisations – including universities, public authorities, SMEs, and NGOs – from 8 EU member states and Horizon Europe Associated countries, accumulating an outstanding set of knowledge, covering not only the basin geographically but also all the different fields of expertise necessary to deal with the multidisciplinary issues from source to sea.

Within the project BRCCI will have the leading role in the processes for the validation of the demonstrations, elaboration of business models for the pilots, development of a multi-actor community by involving stakeholders in different formats. The Chamber will also play an important part in the data analysis and tool integration, the planning and management of the open calls for scale-up and replication, the dissemination and communication, the organisation of workshops.

Period of implementation: 03.2023 - 03.2027