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Funding stream:
Operational Programme Human Resource Development 2014-2020, Bulgaria

Short description:

The project is aimed at promoting entrepreneurial culture and facilitating the start of independent economic activity by unemployed / inactive or employed people having an attitude, an idea and the desire to start their own business. The project partners recognized the main problems and needs of the target groups related to poor financial, legal and marketing knowledge, lack of information on funding methods and fear of failure. In order to meet the needs, the project delivered a set of trainings divided into 10 training modules.

The trainees were selected as a result of an intensive information campaign and 9 motivational meetings. More than 100 participants completed specialized practical trainings and via different interactive methods were introduced to the world of business and entrepreneurship. During these trainings, concrete business ideas were generated. Within the final stage of the project these ideas will be further developed with the help of devoted mentors – business managers and qualified sectoral specialists.

At the end of the project, at least 12 of the trainees are expected to start their own activities, and the rest of them will have gained significant knowledge that would be beneficial to them in their future professional careers.

Period of implementation: July 2018 - July 2020