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The companies with foreign capital in Romania for 2020


The Romanian Trade Registry published up-to-date statistics (December 31st, 2020) on the companies with foreign participation in the capital. You can see the trend in the last years by reading our publication on the same topic.

By the end of 2020, the companies with foreign participation are 230 976. Top 5 of the countries, which have a share in the largest number of Romanian companies, has not changed: Italy, Germany, Turkey, Hungary and China. Bulgaria is placed 21st in this indicator.

Regarding the total value of foreign capital, the leading spot is occupied by the Netherlands - 9.9 bln. euro (21% of the total foreign capital value). Top 5 also includes Austria, Germany, Cyprus and Italy. Here, Bulgaria is placed 24th, with approximately 188.7 mln. euro.

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