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Happy Anniversary, BRCCI!


The year is 2003, Bulgaria is negotiating to join the big European family, as well as Romania. We share more similarities with our neighbours than we would like to admit and we look at each other with mutual suspicion.

On September 10, 20 years ago, managers of several large Bulgarian and Romanian companies (31 to be exactgathered in Ruse to launch the Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Prista Oil, Albena Resorts, Aroma, Orgachim, and Rompetrol are among those who see the potential of the market in the neighbouring country and are looking for ways to present their products in the best possible way there.

The beginning is a lot of enthusiasm and two people in a small rented office. The problems then - the transport of goods and cargo across the river and transport connectivity in general, a heavy border regime and high fees for crossing the only bridge between Bulgaria and Romania - the one at Ruse, lack of contacts between companies and institutions from the two countries, different business-related legislation.
Trade turnover between Bulgaria and Romania - 300 million USD.

Today, 20 years later, we are proud of our 100-member "family" - active companies that are members of the Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber. We have a team of 11 people and our own office.
For another year, Romania is the second largest trading partner of Bulgaria, the companies we have assisted over the years are thousands.
We are also proud of our children – those born in the past 20 years and of the Bulgarian-Romanian Children's Fund, which encourages communication from an early age with neighbours across the river.
We are happy that we have kept our partners from the first years of the BRCCI and helped each other in difficult moments. We made sure that we are stronger together and our motto remains unchanged because it fully corresponds to the mission we have set for ourselves:

Bridging OPPORTUNITIES | Creating NETWORKS | Fostering SUCCESS

Happy Anniversary! Thank you for your partnership and trust over the years!

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