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Project title: HEALTHY AT WORK: Transfer of standards and practices for healthy workspace PF 006-011/04.09.2013

Funding programme: Bulgarian-Swiss Cooperation Programme, Partnership and Expert Fund, Call for Proposals 2012

Period of implementation:  September 2013 – August 2015

Short description:  

General objectives: The overall objective of the project is to promote health protection and health management practices and policies at work thus contributing to improving the overall health status and well-being of the population.

Project specific objectives are:
– To transfer Swiss know-how and expertise in health management and health promotion at work
– To promote and implement workplace health management practices, policies and standards based on the Swiss experience

The project will build on the experience and expertise of Health Promotion Switzerland, will adapt and implement in Bulgaria the Swiss health management (HM) policies and methodologies and in particular the Friendly Workplace Label – a Swiss benchmark given to companies with significant results in health management and health protection at work. This will be achieved through serious of trainings, capacity building and study tour of Bulgarian experts, training of trainers, wide PR and communication campaign including promotional workshops, pilot testing of the label with Bulgarian companies and sustaining an international network in Health management.

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