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Annual membership in the Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry includes the following specific services and benefits, available for member companies EXCLUSIVELY:

► Weekly information about events, economic, tax and business news from both Bulgaria and Romania;
►  Information, consultation or referral to a specialist for solving any legal, administrative or tax issues you may face in the other country.
►  Up-to-date publishing of news, connected with the member company, via all our online communication channels – website, newsletter, social media sites etc.
►  5% discount of the standard prices for rent and stand building for selected exhibitions at the ROMEXPO and Plovdiv Fairs;
►  10% discount for all the trainings offered by the Center for Professional Education (sales trainings, language courses, communication classes etc.)
►  20% discount of all the other Chamber services, as well as some of the events we organize (we cannot guarantee discounts for events organized by third parties);
►  Voting rights at the Camber’s Annual General Assembly, as well as the right to be nominated and elected to serve on the managing or control boards;
►  The right to request, through the Chamber’s management, an opinion/clarification/statement by the legislative authorities of the two countries on cases concerning the business environment in Bulgaria and Romania;
►  Every company, which has paid its membership fee will receive a membership certificate and additional “member” branding materials;
►  After more than 2 years of active and timely paid membership the company can request and receive a recommendation on behalf of the Chamber to serve during tenders and other procedures

If you already have a successful business in Bulgaria and/or Romania, but you are still open to new opportunities to grow your business – your place is among the Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber membership.
Membership is also suitable for companies which are in the beginning of the market entry process. They usually need the right contacts, know-how and dependable information – all of which they can find within the Chamber.
No matter if you are a producer or trader, if you sell B2C or B2B, or if you offer products or services – the Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber’s network is the place where you will find useful contacts, specialized market information and news ways to grow your business.

In order to become a member, you must fill in the MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM as well as the GRPR DATA CONSENT FORM. Please send both filled in files to Applications are reviewed by the Managing board within 7 days. We will contact you afterwards to provide instructions about further steps

The annual membership fee is 250 euro and it covers all the benefits and value-addded services described above. You can find more information about other free services for our members here. Payment of the membership fee is carried out only after the Managing board approves the membership application.

For more information or if you have questions please contact us at or at +359 82 507 606. We will be happy to answer your questions and to arrange a meeting so that we better understand your business and can offer more tailor-made services.