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M-Gas EOOD was founded in 2006 in Ruse and started their project for constructing a network of enterprises for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) at the territory of Republic of Bulgaria. Our mission is to provide natural gas, the cheapest and ecologically clean energy to our clients who does not have access to the gas distribution network. M-Gas ensures an uninterrupted and quality supply of natural gas. The company is one of the pioneers in the sale of compressed natural gas as fuel in transport, as well as in the supply and sale of compressed natural gas for the production needs of industrial enterprises. ‎

The aim of M-Gas is to develop the market of natural gas in Bulgaria and its neighboring countries, substituting petroleum products in combustion installations at the industrial companies, automotive, heavy-freight and passenger transport with CNG, which tangibly reduces the harmful emissions and solid dust particles into the atmosphere. As of 2022, M-Gas holds a license to trade natural gas on the territory of Bulgaria and has been successfully supplying natural gas to customers connected to the Bulgartransgaz gas transmission network for the second year. In 2023, M-Gas received a license to trade natural gas to Romania, Greece, Croatia and Serbia.

M-Gas’ licenses allow the company to enter into transactions with upstream companies and natural gas traders for the purchase of natural gas in the quantities necessary to satisfy the needs of customers directly connected to the gas transmission network. M-Gas has the ability to enter into natural gas transportation transactions with gas transmission companies in the territories for which it has licenses and contracts with gas transmission operators and LNG terminals. M-Gas has also signed contracts with the gas transmission operators of Romania, Greece, Croatia and Slovakia. M-Gas has a contract with the LNG terminals in Revithoussa, Greece, Krk, Croatia and one is to be signed with the terminal in Alexandroupolis, Greece.

The company is planning natural gas sales to all countries in the Balkan Peninsula, Central and Eastern Europe.


Address: Ruse, 7005, 123 Lipnik Blvd., Business Park Ruse Building B, 6th floor
Phone: +359 82 838 899