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Market research

Throughout the years, the Chamber has accumulated a vast experience both individually, but also because of our members' regular feedback. This experience and knowledge is invaluable to a company, which is currently interested in accessing the market. Based on your specific needs, we can provide tailor-made marketing researches for both Bulgaria and Romania. This is a very specific service which requires a lot of input on your side to determine the expected result and necessary parameters. Some of the activities which we can carry out for you include:

  • legislative parameters research
  • identification of the main competitors, market segment size and shares
  • an overview of standard procedures associated with opening a new company – registrations, access to electricity and plumbing, various licenses etc.
  • consultation and identification of the most appropriate market entry mode – individually, through a distributor, as a supplier for a bigger company etc.

We approach each enquiry individually, so in case you are interested, please contact us to schedule a meeting.

If you are specifically interested in finding contacts with distributors, clients and partners in Bulgaria or Romania, then please review our service – “CONTACT WITH PARTENRS IN ROMANIA OR BULGARIA