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Mathios Stone

Mathios Stone emerged through our passion for artistic taste. It is one of the most complete collections of handmade stone in the world. Our aspiration is to beautify every space and attribute a unique personal character in various constructions, from a high-end apartment, a country house or a coastal home to a trendy café, a fancy restaurant, and an exclusive hotel.

Mathios Stone architectural veneers consists of more than 150 colour and texture combinations offering you resourceful options for any architectural design. Having met all performance tests, Mathios Stone lightweight engineered veneers are resistant to all weather conditions, such as Extreme temperatures from -30˚C to +50˚C, Frost, UV, Different humidity levels, Water, Fungus, Strong Winds.

They can be applied in plethora of surfaces, external or internal, like cement, bricks, wood, cement board and even glass. They are also etics compatible and can be placed on thermal insulation systems.

Mathios Stone veneers is a highly time and cost-efficient option. They are Lightweight and up to 50% lighter than natural stone. They come in assorted sized pre-cut pieces, ready-to-use along with matching corners & accessories facilitating quick installation. They are easy to be tackled and they work perfect either for DIY construction or big projects. In case of replacement or expansion, the exact same hues of the initially used stones can be reproduced.

Finally, the decorative stones of Mathios range are environmentally friendly, designed and produced abiding to the strict green building code standards. It is not open quarried stone and has minor affection to natural resources. Made of natural materials Mathios Stone veneers are recyclable and are A+ classified for VOC (volatile organic compound). That is, they do not pollute the air and are not harmful for people.

Uplift your construction with more the Ecological Mathios Stone cladding.