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MedLife enters the wellness segment


MedLife announces a new large-scale partnership, following the signing of the acquisition of the majority stake in Sweat Concept. The transaction marks the entry into a new line of business, wellness, which complements the complex medical services offered nationwide.

Sweat is the newest concept of gyms in Romania that integrates complete solutions for all user objectives, whatever they may be: weight loss, relaxation, muscle toning or preparation for a sports competition. Currently, the network includes 4 locations in Bucharest equipped with premium equipment and technologies, provided by Matrix, a global leader in fitness equipment.

At the same time, each unit is equipped with smart consoles that allow counting and displaying repetitions, activity time and rest time for a complete training experience. Other cutting-edge devices include: Sweat Workout Tracking an application that allows the user to monitor the course of his training activity, regardless of the chosen location or the programs he has followed or My Zone, an application that gives you real-time feedback during training with the belt of the same name that can be purchased at the reception. In addition to high-performance equipment and devices, the Sweat rooms are equipped with relaxation areas, bio saunas, functional training area or spacious terraces where outdoor training programs are supported, unique as a concept in Romania.

“The new context made us feel a deeper need to take care of ourselves and those around us, in all aspects, from physical to emotional health. And this has accelerated the decision-making process to enter a new business segment. Wellness is no longer the luxury sector of spas nor the exclusive domain of wellness brands. It is a global mindset that goes hand in hand with the lifestyle of each of us. Therefore, we are embarking on a new strategic direction that complements the diagnostic and treatment services we already offer in the largest network of medical units nationwide. Our goal is to become an integrated provider of subscriptions, through easy access to preventive care, exercise and nutrition. We strongly believe that with the integration of this model at national level, we will be able to contribute, over time, to an important improvement in the quality of life of patients in Romania. In addition, we are convinced that sooner or later these subscriptions and services will become deductible because they will massively relieve the expenses of the public health system,” said Dorin Preda, Executive Director, MedLife Group.

Following the completion of this transaction, the current management team will fully retain its responsibilities, being responsible for the development and expansion of the Sweat Concept network.

“We are happy to partner with MedLife, the leader in the private medical services market in Romania, with whom we share common values ​​such as health care and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. In the next period, the goal is to expand the Sweat Concept network nationwide and we are convinced that MedLife is the partner we need to achieve this goal and overcome our limits,” said Laurențiu Matei, CEO & founder of Sweat Concept.

With the completion of this acquisition for Sweat Concept, the MedLife Group will reach a number of 45 transactions, being the operator with the largest portfolio of acquisitions in the medical area in Romania. The company will continue to invest heavily in growing the Romanian network, with other transactions underway.

Source: Romania Journal

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