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Project title: MEMOFISH - memory and future. Stories about the Danube Civilization

Funding programme: Interreg V-A Romania-Bulgaria

Period of implementation: 01.08.2018 - 31.01.2020

Short description:

The natural resources along the Danube are exploited in a destructive way, which is turning into a threat for the whole ecosystem of the river. However, there are good examples - the fishing communities on the Bulgarian and Romanian side of the river, who kept their rich cultural heritage, skillfully combine the use of available resources for their livelihood with environmental protection.

In order to overcome the apparent contradiction between the protection of ecosystems and the economic needs of the population along the river, the MEMOFISH partners are focused on studying the heritage of cross-border fishing settlements and promoting their practices as an example of preserving the aquatic and terrestrial ecosystem.

The project activities are taking place in 10 villages in the cross-border region, which have preserved their fishing community traditions. The villages are united in 5 pairs, based on their territorial proximity: Silistra (Tataritsa) – Calarasi, Vetren (Srebarna) - Mostistea Galatui, Tutrakan – Oltenita, Ruse (Brashlen) – Giurgiu, Vidin (Kutovo, Antimovo) – Calafat.

Study results – pictures, videos and interviews with fishermen from Bulgaria and Romania, are published in an online database.

In order to demonstrate that economic profit can go hand in hand with protecting the traditions and preserving the environment, partners also apply the techniques of local strategic planning by attracting individuals and organizations from the region. In parallel, new tourist products, which simultaneously include sites on both sides of the river, are being developed. They will be tested in practice through pilot promotional tours in the cross-border region, during which the project results will be demonstrated.


* Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

* NGO „Paralel – Silistra“ -

* Rousse Regional Museum of History -

* Acces Association – Calarasi -

* Fishing Local Action Group Association „Dunarea Calaraseana“ -