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Nedelya Downtown SRL joined BRCCI


Nedelya is a family owned business, with traditions in the field of production of fresh cakes and various sweets. The company is founded in 1993 in the heart of Sofia, Bulgaria. Since then, the Minchev family has developed the company into the biggest chain of patisserie shops, with more than 45 units. The brand is widely represented in Bulgaria, with currently more than 20 shops in Sofia and at least one in the major economical regions.

Nowadays, the cakes are produced in a modern facility, approved by international standards. The firm has developed a strict logistic and management system in order to answer the highest customer needs and expectations.

In 2015 was opened the first Nedelya shop in Bucharest and since then the brand is gaining more and more awareness on the Romanian market. Now, there are 10 stores in Bucharest and the search for prospect new locations is constant.

The interior design of the shops, both in Bulgaria and Romania, is made to bring warmth and coziness. The Minchev Family firmly believe that the handmade production, the high quality products and the fresh cakes are what makes “Nedelya” the favourite pastry shops in Bulgaria.

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