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New report out: Metals, Mining & Metallurgy in Bulgaria


Did you know that Bulgaria is a major producer and exporter of three raw materials essential for the green transition? Having studied in depth the renewable energy industry in Southeast Europe and the topic of ESG, SeeNext now delves into the metals, mining, and metallurgy sector in Bulgaria.

Exploring 214 companies focused on in metal ore extraction, basic metal production, and metal processing equipment manufacturing, the report unveils the sector's pivotal role in Bulgaria's economic landscape.
Report Highlights:

  • Bulgaria is a key European producer and exporter of three critical raw materials for the European Green Deal.
  • Ranked globally as a top exporter of copper.
  • The metals, mining, and metallurgy sector is one of the largest employers in the country.
  • The industry drives economic growth in smaller Bulgarian towns and municipalities.
  • Financially robust, the sector generated EUR 9.754 billion in operating revenue in 2022.

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