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Policy paper to improve the potential of the social economy sector


The emergence of social enterprises in all European countries, and beyond, is an indication of the turn towards more inclusive and sustainable economies. These relatively new ventures seek to solve pressing social and environmental challenges while generating tangible economic value. Despite national differences and local peculiarities, the contemporary societal issues in most European countries show many similar trends, which include the increasingly vital role of social enterprises in achieving meaningful and lasting change.

In this context, the EMPOWER project partners, developed a policy paper titled “Building a sustainable social enterprise sector”, after carrying out focus groups, individual interviews, feedback from participants in all project events, as well as their expertise. The document contains insights from social economies outlining the factors that affect their success and failure, the challenges social enterprises face, as well as notable achievements. It also formulates recommendations towards both practitioners and policymakers to enhance the sustainability of the social economy sector. In addition, the paper showcases best practices from the participating countries in the EMPOWER project.

Download and read the full text of the policy paper, available in 5 languages here.

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