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Projects and Initiatives

As a cross-border business association BRCCI has the mission to promote cooperation between Bulgarian and Romanian companies, to support them in making valuable partnerships within the EU and world-wide and to help them benefit from shared experience and joint forces, aimed at sustainable development and steady growth.

The projects we promote are focused on topics which are high on the agenda for the businesses and the economies of both countries. We are interested to cooperate with all entities from the private and public sector for actions and initiatives aiming at the following main areas:

  • Employment and labour market: all issues related to economic migration, labour mobility, legislative reform, employer branding, involvement and responsibility, labour market integration of disadvantaged groups, innovative approaches and shared international practices to boost employment

Both our countries are now experiencing severe shortage of staff, not only talents but also blue-collar workers. We are open for any innovative ideas and transfer of experience within EU that address this problem.

  • Education, training and skills: all topics related to VET, professional skills, social skills, key competences, training and retraining of adults, in-company training, mitigating the gap between education and the needs of the labour market

We are looking for any transfer or experience from other EU countries, valorisation and multiplication of results of previous projects. Since 2018 we also run a licensed professional training centre for adult education, thus we are interested to develop new course curriculum and to organise trainings and similar pilot project actions.

  • Entrepreneurship and SMEs: support to start-ups, training and mentoring for young entrepreneurs, promoting internationalisation of SMEs and all issues related to innovations and the economies of the future 

We strongly believe that entrepreneurship and innovations are the driving engines changing our countries' economic environment, which still struggles with old technologies and conventional business practices. Circular economy, corporate social responsibility and SME digitalisation are areas where we seek cooperation.

  • Cross-border region Romania - Bulgaria and the wider Danube region: connectivity, transport infrastructure and logistic chains; initiatives for isolated/rural areas, tourism and cultural heritage, cities and regions' branding and promotion, sustainable economic development

Since our organization is situated at the border we live with the constrains, but we can also see the opportunities these amazing regions bring to Europe. We put a special focus on the Danube river as the main resource for safe and efficient transport of people and goods, the catalyst of new business ventures and the treasurer of this region’s history and culture.      

  • Support to kids and youth: all initiatives that help youngsters learn as they grow, stimulate their creativity, cradle their responsibility to the environment and the society; create opportunities for them to travel and discover. 

As part of the CSR mission of the Chamber, we manage a joint Bulgarian – Romanian Children's Fund with the main objective to support various activities for Bulgarian and Romanian kids. We look to extend the action we plan each year to building new partnerships around the globe.

See our project portfolio here.

Our experience and added value:

We have already gained expertise from previous project work in all of the above thematic areas and we will be glad to share, develop and gain new experience with international partners. To any project partnership we will additionally bring:

  • Extensive project management experience, incl. as a lead applicant and coordinator;
  • Expertise for coordinating communication and dissemination activities on behalf of large project consortia;
  • Knowledge and skills for event management, incl. large international conferences.  

Being a cross-border organisation, our special added value to all projects is our ability to ensure easy access to target groups from both Bulgaria and Romania, where we have equally well-established wide network coverage.

The full list of completed and ongoing projects, which we are currently working on, can be seen from the drop-down menu in the Projects section.

If you are looking for a reliable partner to develop new project opportunities together, do not hesitate to contact us at: