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Project title: REMPART

Funding programme: Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

Period of implementation: December 2008 – June 2010

Short description: The general objective of the REMPART project was to establish a unique European partnership to implement mobility schemes among young, would-be and nascent European entrepreneurs from and to the partners’ regions. In particular, the project aimed at ensuring that remote regions in Europe were included in the geographical coverage of the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme.

The REMPART project specifically aimed to: 
• offer people in their early stages of entrepreneurship the opportunity to learn from established and successful entrepreneurs and to build and develop their capacities 
• facilitate and promote networking, exchange of experience and intercultural learning among entrepreneurs in the EU 
• mobilize entrepreneurs from remote regions to exchange experience, enhance learning and networking with other entrepreneurs from other European countries and regions

In line with the objectives of the Lisbon Strategy as well as with the needs of the partners’ regions, the REMPART project aimed to prioritize technological and innovative sectors such as ICT, eco-innovation, and sustainable tourism during the implementation of the mobility schemes.

The project facilitated the initiation and development of 50 mobility schemes between recently established, nascent and would-be entrepreneurs (NE – nascent entrepreneurs) and experienced and successful entrepreneurs (HE – host entrepreneurs) through periods spent by NE at the companies of HE in other EU Member States.

The mobility schemes were implemented with ratios of 50% within the partnership regions and 50% with other EU regions. This means that 50 entrepreneurs were identified and matched within the REMPART regions (intra-consortium relationships), while other 25 (12 HE, 13 NE) were identified by the REMPART partnership and matched with other entrepreneurs identified by other European partnerships (inter-consortia relationships).

In doing so, the REMPART project paved the way for long-term partnership among peripheral and central EU regions for supporting and enhancing entrepreneurship. As a result, the REMPART project mobilized entrepreneurial potential of remote regions and allowed other European regions to benefit from this potential.

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