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Project title: Rural Network Partnership for Sustainable Development – RND

Funding programme: Sectoral Operational Programme Human Resources Development 2007 ­ 2013, European Social Fund

Period of implementation: January 2011 – May 2013

Short description:

General objectives: The project has pursued the sustainable development of two regions of Romania: South-Muntenia (a poor one) and Buchares-Ilfov (a rich one). RND has already undertaken the process of establishing a rural partnership network for sustainable development in the 4 counties: Calarasi, Giurgiu, Ialomita and Ilfov.

The first main objective of the project was the establishment of four groups of specialists in rural sustainable development (design, implementation, evaluation), one for each county;

The second main objective was the establishment of part time Job Centers in each county, where intermediation for employment took place, presentation of available part-time jobs in the 4 counties (from RND’s and partner’s databases), for dissemination of results from the two researches on the labor market in the two regions (an initial one and a final one).

The third main objective was performing lectures, professional training courses, seminars and practical activities for initiation and development of entrepreneurial skills for 3 target groups. The planned actions were: lectures explaining the functionality of the labor market; courses for qualification/requalification for employment fields needed in the labor market (commerce, construction and hairdressing, derived from the labor market study in the rural environment in the 4 counties); general management course; sales techniques course; development of entrepreneurial activities course package (comprising knowledge of legislation, basic accountancy).

There was a practical aspect too, taking into account the fact that 60 of the graduate-clients of the RND project became permanent members of the established networks in the 4 counties. The role of BRCCI was mainly to assist with the transfer of experience through organizing study tours for the Romanian graduates to meet counterparts from several rural areas in Bulgaria.


Development and Social Concens Group, Magurele 
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County Agency for Employment and Labour Force, Calarasi 
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County Agency for Employment and Labour Force, Ialomita 
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County Agency for Employment and Labour Force, Giurgiu 
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County Agency for Employment and Labour Force, Ilfov 
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Regional Center for professional training for Adults, Calarasi 
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Elias Consulting Group 
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