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Fostering Digital and Social Inclusion in Hybrid Workplaces

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Various studies have shown that a large number of people prefer a hybrid approach to work, with flexibility and the chance to split their time between the home and workplace. The hybrid working model is becoming the norm in most workplaces, with employees dividing their time between the office and working remotely. Although this provides freedom and flexibility for staff, it creates a challenge for employers in making sure everyone is productive, engaged, and feels part of an inclusive culture.

STAY CONNECTED aims to help Managers, Team Leaders, and HR professionals acquire the appropriate competencies and knowledge on how to incorporate and facilitate hybrid models of work to promote digital and social inclusion of all employees, while at the same time, sustain and even improve motivation in their teams.

The STAY CONNECTED objectives are to:

1. Ensure all staff can be active participants whether onsite or teleworking;

2.Establish workplace norms ensuring everyone in the organization is aware of them and has the support and training needed to follow them;

3. Develop innovative, high-quality learning material/resources for managers/HR professionals to promote social connectedness in hybrid work;

4.Build capacity in managers/HR practitioners to promote digital and social inclusion of all staff in hybrid work environments.

The main target groups of the project are managers and the HR professionals and also VET trainers. The Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the leading partner in the international consortium working on the project’s implementation.

Period of implementation: 01.12.2023– 30.11.2025