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Three Seas Business Forum


New edition of the Three Seas Business Forum will be held on 7 September 2023 in Bucharest, Romania.

The Three Seas Initiative (3SI) is a platform for improving connectivity between twelve EU Member States allocated between Baltic, Adriatic and Black seas.

In the face of the prolonged and multiple disruptions triggered by the war, the solidarity and drive of the Three Seas countries generated renewed capital. Moreover, the business environment, companies and employees in the region demonstrated each day their resilience in the face of overlapping crises, thus becoming one of the pillars of European resilience. At Bucharest Business Forum on 7 September 2023 countries, partners and investors will be called to look beyond the current context, beyond the negative effects of conflicts, pandemics, energy price crises and supply chain disruptions and propose innovative ways to embrace and respond to the economic reality emerging in this geopolitical context.

The aim of the Forum is to endorse a list of major interconnection projects adding to the first generation of strategic projects. The objective of this list would be to ensure political support for the most feasible projects and for those that will have the greatest impact on the whole region. This demanding reality calls for strengthening the 3SI operational arm, the Investment Fund. The focus sectors of the business forum will be energy, transport and digitalization.

More information about the forthcoming event could be found on the web-site of the Initiative:

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