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Trainers from BRCCI and RU gave a lecture to teachers about how to navigate a virtual environment


Lecturers from several faculties in the University of Ruse got acquainted with the content of modules on the use of virtual and augmented reality in higher education. The presentations were given by people, who received training on the topic within project VRinHE - Virtual reality in higher education.

The University of Ruse is the project coordinator from the Bulgarian side, while the Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a project partner.

Lecturers from the Mechanical and Technological, Transport, Pedagogical and Business and Management faculties were introduced to various aspects of the virtual and augmented reality technologies. Despite the diverse audience of engineers, economists and representatives of humanitarian disciplines, the content was presented in such a way that it was understandable and interesting for everyone present. 

The possibilities of the augmented reality technology, the creation of educational materials using AR tools, as well as next generation VR platforms were all introduced. 

Emphasis was also placed on both the potential of the higher education, as well as the challenges it is facing, its transformation through the integration of virtual reality into the learning process and the possible "revolution" - immersive learning through virtual and augmented reality. 

The VRinHE project focuses on the modernization and digitization of the higher education, aiming to introduce the use of virtual and augmented reality in the teaching and learning process. Because of the link between the higher education and the labor market, the project directly affects the business environment as well, because it provides personnel, who have already acquired the necessary skills, thanks to an improved and modernized training process. In addition to the purely professional competencies of the students, virtual and augmented reality tools also strengthen their so-called soft skills: critical thinking, problem solving, adaptability, resourcefulness, etc., which most companies highly value and look for when hiring.

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