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VISA - Cross-Border Labour Mobility Agency

Funding programme: Interreg V-A Romania-Bulgaria

Project title: “VISA – Cross-border Labour Mobility Agency, еMS ROBG-147”

Short description:

The main objective of the project is to foster employment and labour mobility within the Romanian – Bulgaria CBC area through establishing of a one-stop-shop for providing practical and dedicated information and services.

The project addresses several common challenges of the CBC region starting from the lack of evidence as to the main factors impeding labour mobility in the CBC area; lack of services for labour mobility, lack of institutions to support personal capacity for CBC employment.

As a result of the project BRCCI shall establish, promote and sustain a permanent specialized structure – CBC Labour Mobility Agency, located in Ruse (Bulgaria), with a satellite office in Slatina (Romania).

Institutional and capacity building of the Agency is the core activity of the project which aims to provide various information, consultation and training services to both employers and job seekers as well as to all other organizations on a national or regional level that deal with employment. A series of events are planned within the project among which public information sessions, short-term trainings, pilot actions “Let’s commute”, etc. Several practical tool shall also be elaborated and open for use by all interested parties – a joint job seeking tool, a guide for commuters and info map for cross-border mobility.


Period of implementation: April 2017 – April 2019

Leading Partner: Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Partner: Association for sustainable development, Slatina, Romania


Study about the employment and labour mobility - in Bulgarian and in Romanian