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Workshop on promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace


16 еxperts from 8 European countries took part in a training module focused on diversity management in SMEs between 17 and19 October in Hilversum, Netherlands.

The training was hosted by Story Bag under the Think Global, Act Local project (TGAL). Within 3 days partners shared their insights and personal experiences in managing diversity in the business sector.

During the workshop "Applying Storytelling Skills and Narrative Approaches to Manage Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace", participants from various backgrounds explored different case studies on micro-aggressions in the workplace, ageism, racism, etc. through interactive sessions and facilitated role-plays.

These are also some of the highlights in the TGAL Toolikt and the TGAL CPD train-the-trainer program created within the project implementation. The workshop aimed to test different elements of the elaborated materials as well as the strategies and practical tools presented therein. They are intended to be shared with other experts in the field of vocational education and training initiatives, as well as HR specialists in SMEs in each project partner country.

As a result, partners will develop a Policy and Practice Recommendations Report that will support policymakers and practitioners across Europe to adopt the TGAL model and promote diversity management within SMEs in Europe.

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